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Life Right Now

4 May

Sorry I don’t have any pretty pictures or exciting updates.  Just wanted to let you know we are in full-blown painting, packing, cleaning mode at the Bangs houses at the moment.  We have already painted, our bedroom and the girls bedrooms.  We painted the living room, the kids room the kitchen and we have the basement to still paint.

We have gobs of our belongings in the parsonage garage but still have way too much more to pack up in our current house.  We will clean our lake house as well as the parsonage by the beginning of next week.  Ugh.

We are getting there though.  It is fun to see each room come to life with bold colors.  I am excited about curtains and about living in this awesome house.

I will have picture coming in the next few days but for now I will keep working and see you on the other side of this mess =)

Fresh Pasta

2 May

I have always thought that the process of making pasta must be reserved for very brave and skilled people who have all day to devote to following detailed recipes and intense preparation.

Just found out that this is not the case.

I actually made pasta when the kids were around, very present actually.  I gave the kids some dough to play with and kneed.  They kept wanting more and more flour and the floor was a bit white afterwards.  But we ended up with delicious noodles.  It was surprisingly easy and very fun.

Measure out 3/4 cup flour + 1 egg for each person

Now that you know how easy it is don’t you want to try?

Click here for step by step instructions

Now I want a noodle press since the hardest part of making these was rolling out the tough dough.  I might have  gotten a few new muscles making these so maybe I don’t want a noodle press =)