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Lookin’ Good Oil Change

29 Jun

Only a 2 year old girl can make changing your oil look this good:

She found a pack of stickers and used them all by placing them all over her body. She found the winter hat, “I have to wear this cause it’s windy out, AND it fits me!” Found the crown and on her head it went. The “cane” in her hand is actually a long lost piece from a pack and play.  

Jared was in the driveway changing the oil on the cars and I was weeding through boxes in the garage.  Sophi kept finding interesting things in the garage and either throwing them, coloring on them or trying them on.

Most days she looks like an unmade bed and she is covered in dirt.  The secretary at our church nicknamed her pigpen, which is actually quite fitting.  Love this girl and she definitely keeps us on our toes.

The princess of oil changes-

Tree Swing

27 Jun

After breakfast on Aleah’s birthday we took her out to show her what Jared made the night before for her special day:

She was very surprised and excited about her present.

She graciously shared her new swing with Sophi

She said that 4 years olds can swing with one hand, or even no hands!

After swinging, we went to the beach ALL morning, not a cloud in the sky and some of her friends were there to play.  I packed a lunch of gourmet (yeah right) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to eat at the beach.  After that we went to a delicious ice cream place called Moosebirds.  What a fun birthday full of yummy treats and fun adventures.

I know this swing is going to get a lot of use.  It is right by the garden so when she isn’t helping out she can head over to her special swing.

Happy 4th Birthday Aleah!

25 Jun

Wow.  How did that happen?  How did my first little pride and joy who was such a tiny baby get to be 4 years old?

So far her birthday has been a pretty good one.

Woke up to farm fresh eggs and cinnamon rolls.  Of course her cinnamon roll had a candle in it.  I am convinced that the more times you can blow out a candle on your birthday, the better it will be.

Here are some special pictures from the past four years:

She did this before she could crawl

Being a sledding bum in Colorado


Aleah as a big sister

riding a horse for the first time

big hugs for baby Sophi

silly faces with Auntie Lina

What a wonderful, sweet, smart, loving, adventurous and amazing little girl.

Love you.

My Sister is Havin’ a Baby!

23 Jun

My older sister is having a baby in the middle of September.  And I am SUPER duper excited.  It is so fun to talk to her about kid stuff and compare our pregnancies to each others.  She was extremely cute at our sister’s wedding:

Yeah, told you she was cute.  That is my dress she is wearing.  It is fun seeing her wear my maternity clothes.

Jared and Sophi were picking up some more paint which gave Aleah and I some time to get something done.  We decided to make a little something for her new cousin.

They don’t know what the gender of the baby so we made the gift a bit gender neutral.  But maybe a bit more leaning toward the boy side since I think she is having a boy =)

Sorry. Can’t tell you what it is going to be, my sister follows this blog and I want it to be a surprise.

Someone Will Be Turning 4

21 Jun

Aleah is turning 4 on Monday!  Can you believe it?  I sure can’t.

For her special day I decided to have a book themed birthday party.

Here are the invitations for her party:

I picked up some older books at our local thrift store for 5 cents a piece.  I thought about feeling bad about cutting up some great books but then I got over it and made some cute invitations.  =)

So the idea was to have each person attending the party to bring a wrapped book instead of a present.  Throughout the party as we played games the kids who won each particular game would get to pick a wrapped book and get to take it home with them.

Instead of one birthday kid having all the fun, each party attendee gets to take home a new books with them.

I sent these invitations out before Caroline’s wedding.  Since then I have realized that many of the party goers have t-ball games or other thing happening.

AND because we are having a young family event out at a friends house the following day we will be moving the party.

Sunflower House Update

19 Jun

While we were away celebrating my sister’s wedding, the sunflower house did some growing.

I love leaving for a couple days and then being able to actually see the changes in our garden.  If you see a garden everyday, it is hard to notice the growing.  I have heard it is the same way with my kids =)  When people haven’t seen them for a few weeks they can’t believe how much bigger they are or how much better at talking they are.  It is nice to be able to take a step back to appreciate and enjoy the changes happening all around.

I think the morning glories look like dragon flies or butterflies.

Sure hope this turns into a house someday!

A Grand Wedding

17 Jun

My little sister got married on Friday.  What  beautiful and perfect day.  I am so happy for them.  Here are some pictures from the big event.

Aleah and Sophi were flower girls.  Instead of carrying baskets with flower petals they got to wear wings and hold wands.  Boy, were they excited about this.  They kept walking around the church turning people into different things.

The theme for the reception was a coffee house.  Lots of black and white.  Delicious coffee and tons of desserts everywhere.

There was even a kid area with special food and even crafts.

Congratulations you guys!

Sunflower House

13 Jun

I got this book a year maybe two years ago from a good family friend.  I found it in a box of books I was unpacking recently.

Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together with Children

What a wonderful book!

One of the best ideas in this book is to make a sunflower house.  You must dig a 9 foot by 6 foot trench and then fill it with good dirt.  Then plant mammoth sunflowers and morning glories very close to one another and then plant some smaller sunflowers in between the mammoth sunflowers and morning glories.  If all goes well the morning glories will climb up the mammoth sunflowers.  When the plants are about four or five feet tall you are suppose to tie twine between the sunflowers and the climbing morning glories will continue to climb across the twine forming a roof.

If all goes well the girls will have the perfect little playhouse.  Can you think of any place a little girl would rather hang out than a magical sunflower house that is just her size?  I hope it works!!!

Sweet Peas Sweet Girl

10 Jun

My first memory of gardening is planting sweet peas and baby carrots with my mom.  I remember planting the skittle sized seeds into the ground and then watering them.  I remember watching as tiny little green sprouts poked themselves through the earth and then miraculously began climbing up a little fence I made for them.  I remember eating them right off the plant and thinking that nothing could taste better.

I have just had a very nostalgic moment with Aleah, as we have done the same thing together as my mom and I did years ago.

Not sure how Aleah did it but her sweet peas are about an inch taller than everything else in our garden.  Might be because she waters them about twice a day or it might be because she is so sweet herself =)

What a hard little worker.

I hope this instills a love in her for gardening as it did for me when I was a little girl.

Aleah’s Paintings

8 Jun

Sophi was taking an extra long nap a few days ago so Aleah and I decided to get the out buckets of leftover paint and have some fun.

I love that there is a paint brush in each hand-

Whenever I see canvas boards at thrift stores I snap them up because they are SOOO much more affordable then if you buy them new.  I have stashed a few in my years of hunting and got out a couple canvas boards for her to paint.

I thought it would look cool if we used the white and pink paint that we used to paint her room on the canvas.

Here is Aleah being cute as a button and concentrating so deeply you can almost see it.

We are loving the beautiful weather here in Cook, so sunny and warm.

Perfect weather for an outdoor craft!