Curtains and a Dress

4 Jun

Let’s just say I was inspired by a certain movie, except backwards =) I did the dress first AND THEN the curtains

 I kinda felt like Maria from the Sound of Music

I bought enough fabric to make Aleah this dress back in November and loved it so much I decided to head back and make curtains for the kids play room:

The curtains really tie the room together

Not impressed by my picture taking, thanks for humoring me babe

What a trooper, if I got paid to do this whole blog thing I would have to give her a BIIIIG cut of the dough

One Response to “Curtains and a Dress”

  1. Kerri June 4, 2012 at 4:21 pm #

    The curtains and dress are adorable, but love the read hair most of all. Darling!

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