Sweet Peas Sweet Girl

10 Jun

My first memory of gardening is planting sweet peas and baby carrots with my mom.  I remember planting the skittle sized seeds into the ground and then watering them.  I remember watching as tiny little green sprouts poked themselves through the earth and then miraculously began climbing up a little fence I made for them.  I remember eating them right off the plant and thinking that nothing could taste better.

I have just had a very nostalgic moment with Aleah, as we have done the same thing together as my mom and I did years ago.

Not sure how Aleah did it but her sweet peas are about an inch taller than everything else in our garden.  Might be because she waters them about twice a day or it might be because she is so sweet herself =)

What a hard little worker.

I hope this instills a love in her for gardening as it did for me when I was a little girl.

One Response to “Sweet Peas Sweet Girl”

  1. myhammockplace June 13, 2012 at 2:43 am #

    CAITLYN!!!! My parents are moving close to you… and they are looking at homes right now in the REd Lake/Bemidji area… and as I talked to them today I got home sick… and I thought of Northern Minnesota, and I looked at your blog… and I started thinking about planting and growing things, and urban gardening… and rural gardening… and I just missed you Caitlyn. And your little girls! And I smiled at God’s humor… to bring us closer again, in some ways… I am praying that as I go back to visit my parents sometimes it will work to see you, and to share in some of your life happenings. Maybe I can even harvest some sweat peas and Northern MN veggies by the end of this summer. I have my lettuce and peas growing in my rain gutters and my herbs and collards and some green beans growing in pallets resting on my deck… and I have my house full of tomatoes, and the broccoli is in my flower gardens, and I’ve tried everything to keep the moose out of my spinach and cabbage… just like Rachel Lyn and Anne. And my rhubarb is TINY compared to yours… but the sun is staying up all night now, and I’ve had a lot of good time in the garden, and trying to get creative about gardening in Anchorage… I’m writing a letter, but realized I only have your bethel email. Could you send me your other one? I LOVE YOU CAIT! Hope to see you soon. Stay in touch. I’ll let you know where my parents end up. Sam still has two years left and will be going to Bemidji… maybe we’ll come for the holidays, or maybe this fall. I just would love some waterskiing on a lake right now. =)

    Love you guys. Looking forward to catching up soon!!!!

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