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My Sister is Havin’ a Baby!

23 Jun

My older sister is having a baby in the middle of September.  And I am SUPER duper excited.  It is so fun to talk to her about kid stuff and compare our pregnancies to each others.  She was extremely cute at our sister’s wedding:

Yeah, told you she was cute.  That is my dress she is wearing.  It is fun seeing her wear my maternity clothes.

Jared and Sophi were picking up some more paint which gave Aleah and I some time to get something done.  We decided to make a little something for her new cousin.

They don’t know what the gender of the baby so we made the gift a bit gender neutral.  But maybe a bit more leaning toward the boy side since I think she is having a boy =)

Sorry. Can’t tell you what it is going to be, my sister follows this blog and I want it to be a surprise.