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Lookin’ Good Oil Change

29 Jun

Only a 2 year old girl can make changing your oil look this good:

She found a pack of stickers and used them all by placing them all over her body. She found the winter hat, “I have to wear this cause it’s windy out, AND it fits me!” Found the crown and on her head it went. The “cane” in her hand is actually a long lost piece from a pack and play.  

Jared was in the driveway changing the oil on the cars and I was weeding through boxes in the garage.  Sophi kept finding interesting things in the garage and either throwing them, coloring on them or trying them on.

Most days she looks like an unmade bed and she is covered in dirt.  The secretary at our church nicknamed her pigpen, which is actually quite fitting.  Love this girl and she definitely keeps us on our toes.

The princess of oil changes-