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Cook Lion’s Garage Sale

3 Jul

We made it to our first famous, citywide garage sale.  For a whole year the Lion’s Club collects couches, books, dressers, electronics, dishes, skis, bikes.  There was even a sailboat, golf cart and a motor home for sale.

All these items are stored in a building up until the big sale when they are moved into the school and fills up the gym and some hallways.  We walked through the sale on Tuesday and then again Thursday night to scope out the items.  We found two chairs that we really wanted as well as some floor lamps that we needed since the toy room and living room have no overhead lights.

So, yes, I am now one of those people who sets their alarm clock to wake up at the crack of dawn for a good deal. I set my alarm for 5:15 am on Friday and got to the sale at 5:40 am.  And I was 3rd in line.  I drove up and two other ladies were sitting there in fold-up camping chairs right in front of the door.  At first we were uneasy with one another, worrying if we were after the same things.  But soon we found out that we were after completely different goods.  We all talked strategy about how we were going to get the items that we had woken up so early to buy.

Slowly more and more people began to trickle into the line we had started.  By 7am rolled around it was getting a big hostile, with people arguing about what door was actually going to be opened first.  At 7:30 am came the line was wrapping around the school and I was extremely glad I would not have to wait in that line or elbow my way to the items that I wanted.  Wow.

I am proud to say that Jared and I got all the furniture and misc items we were hoping for.  The corners of the house that need a little help are now filled and it was quite the experience.

Not sure if I will ever need to line up that early again but I met some interesting people in that line and couldn’t be happier about our finds.

Look at it all, things were inside and outside-