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Berries for Winter

5 Jul

I love strawberries.

Right off the plant they are juicy, perfectly ripe and delicious.

I believe I have almost 30 pounds in my freezer right now.  Why so much? you might ask.  And I would have to say it might not be enough =)

but the reason I need to have loads of strawberries in my freezer is so that I can make it through the long winter.  For some reason if I have strawberries to last me a winter I can survive.  Taking a bag of strawberries out of the freezer on a cold and blustery day in the dead of winter is a pretty good feeling.

The only thing I do to the berries is wash them, hull them and cut them in half (or a few pieces if they are a big berry).  For some of them I let sit for a while to let them soak in their own juice and others I put into the freezer right away.  Here is my berry preparation setup:

How beautiful is this-

Jared is quite excited because I made a lot of compost for him: