25 Jul

where’d they go?

You never know what will happen when you camp with young children.  Will they sleep?  will they eat anything?  Will they hate it and cry the entire time.  Thankfully we had no problems with any of these things.  Although a couple times Sophi said, “I just wanna go inside!”  Sorry, buddy- there is no inside when you are camping.

We planned an event with the young families at our church and we all had a great time.  The weather was beautiful and we spent most of the time in the water since it was so warm.

For those of you who know Sophi know she is a messy kid.  I think she was made to camp.  She loved playing in the dirt and just getting more and more yucky.  Thankfully we had the lake to wash her off in.

Aleah did great and loved hanging out at the park and playing with her friends.

We hope to go camping a few more times this year.  It is so nice to drive ten minutes and be in he middle of the woods.  Most people have to drive hours and hours to get to a good campground.  Not us, we have beautiful camping locations surrounding us.

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