Pesto Delight

19 Aug

Pesto is divine.

But first you have to do some work:

pick the basil from your garden

wash the basil, I used our salad spinner to dry the leaves

carefully inspect each and every leaf (jk, that is just what Aleah did)

blend with a food processor (we used our magic bullet)

I have not had it since last spring spring of 2011 when we moved away from our basil plants.  Sad, I know.

So we were quite due for some pesto around our house.

Here is a recipe I sort of based my pesto on (it is all up to you, do you like more parmesan?  good add more, do you like a stong nut flavor?  good- add more walnuts or pine nuts) and it’s gluten free!

We actually did not have any nuts in our house so we did without and it turned our just fine.

Happy Cooking, hope you get to enjoy some of this delicious stuff soon.

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