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Cutest Bunny in the Garden

4 Sep

Last week when Sophi woke up from her nap I went to get her and there she was standing behind the door holding a bunny costume (we keep the dress-up clothes in her closet because it is quite large).

Imagine a groggy Sophi dragging a big bunny costume behind her with a pacifier in her mouth and her hair going in every direction.  She melts my heart everyday.

I didn’t want to wake up Aleah up because of Sophi’s bunny noises, so we headed out to the garden.

Okay.  I DID NOT PLAN THIS.  I SWEAR.    We were in the garden, she was dressed like a bunny, and all I had to do was bend down and pull a carrot out of the ground.  Couldn’t help myself.

She never ceases to make me laugh wth her spontaneity and her joyful spirit.