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Alethea’s Greek Restaurant

12 Sep

For those of you who don’t know, Aleah’s full name is Alethea which means truth in Greek.  Jared is always showing her how her name is spelled with Greek letters and she thinks it is pretty cool.

One morning when Jared was telling her about her name again, she decided to have a special Greek restaurant.  Here is the hilarious menu dictated to Jared by Aleah:

Now, find a sit.  But don’t sit in your own seat where theres no people sitting so tell me and if you want fork, go to kitchen.

But we serve normal food

But we are having greek

Aleah’s Greek Restaurant.  If you want food, get a baby chair and sit with your kid, Love, Aleah’s Restaurant

Come on over if this sounds like a great restaurant for you!  She would be more than happy to give you some food and charge you for it too =)