It’s a Baby Boy!

29 Sep

My older sister and brother in law had their baby early morning on September 28th and I love him so much!

Daryl texted me at 2:45 in the morning that they were in the hospital and everything was coming along fine.  I tried to roll over and get another hour or two of sleep but just kept thinking about my poor sister going through labor.  I rolled over at 3am and told Jared about Courtney.  We talked over our plans for the Aleah and Sophi and how Jared was going to make it work with our busy schedule and me out of town.

I threw some stuff in a laundry basket and headed out of town a little before 4am.  I started my long drive to Clinton, Wisconsin which would take about 8 hours.  On my drive down I kept praying for my sister and the baby.  I watched the moon slink down into the horizon while it turned a redish orange.  I saw the sky start to glow with the morning sun as I got a text that they had a boy!

She went into labor at midnight and then the hospital at 1:30am.  Since this was her first baby we were all planning on labor taking all day long and I was thinking I would be present for some of it.  When I got the text I was so surprised and so so happy for them.

I got to be the first non-parent to hold him and it was the best moment.  Being an aunt is so great.  I got to walk in after all the hard work was done and hold this precious new, wonderfully smelling and handsome baby boy.  I get to sleep at night and hold this little miracle throughout the day.  Being an aunt is a pretty dang sweet job.

Congratulations Court and Daryl on your new baby boy, he is perfect.  

2 Responses to “It’s a Baby Boy!”

  1. Wendy September 29, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    Awe, what a precious baby!

  2. terrys529 September 29, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

    You are such a good sister. You will always remember that drive, your anticipation and happiness on that day. And you will be such a good support for Courtney and Daryl as they grow into being parents. So happy for you all. ♥

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