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Birthday Boating

24 Nov

Jared’s birthday was the 19th of November and for his special day he wanted to go on a family canoe ride on the river behind our house.  (first we went to a delicious breakfast at the famous Montana Cafe) I threw the paddles and lifejackets down the hill, then the girls and I crept down.  Jared had the tricky job of carrying the canoe down while the girls cheered him on.

It was a much different canoe ride then the ones we took during the summer months.  Everything was a dull shade of brown, green or black.  The brightest thing we saw were two blue jays that darted across the river on our way back home.

We tried to scope out our future Christmas tree (we REALLY need to start getting ready for Christmas).

I tried to continue our travels above a beaver dam but unfortunately the water was frozen.  Instead we had fun throwing ice around and stirring up the freezing water.

Happy (late) Birthday Jared, we love you to pieces.