1 Dec

We have two new kittens but first things first-

Let’s have a moment of silence for our beloved cat Roxy who disappeared in late October.  She was the best mouser, extremely kind and gentle to the girls and was always there to cheer us up.


She came into Jared and my life as a stray when I was pregnant with Aleah.  We took her in later to find she was pregnant with 5 kittens!

It has been sad and strange the last couple of months without her.  She would always prance over to the door to greet us when we came home.  Never thought we could get to attached to an animal, let alone a cat.  But she weaseled her way into our hearts and we will always miss her.

Good-bye Roxy.

okay, now on to the next thing- we have two precious new kittens:


The dark one’s name is Cricket and the Orange one is named Maple (like maple syrup).


They are rambunctious and curious and very patient with the girls.  Welcome home little kittens, we are so happy to have you here

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