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New Bathroom

6 Dec

DSC_5060The downstairs guest  bathroom had not been finished until just a few days ago.  Right when we moved in to stripped the wallpaper and it has remained that way until now.

We really couldn’t get a grasp on what we wanted the bathroom to look like and we really never use that bathroom so it was easy to forget that it needed some attention.

We found a sale on dark brown bath towels and decided to paint the walls a rich teal color.  It was a bit bright for my liking so I took the paint back to Sherwin Williams to have them tone it down a bit, but unfortunately they couldn’t.  Ah well.

The girls painted the towel holders dark brown.  I was busy supervising and didn’t get a picture, sorry. I rolled the teal onto the walls and Jared cut the paint.  Aren’t we a good team!

It is growing on us and we can call that room, done!  Yay!


I found this fabric and made a little runner

Making this took me about 5 minutes and adds a nice touch


Jared took some pictures out of some old books and put them in brown frames

The colors are growing on you aren’t they?


Now we can have some more company I guess =)


the soap and candle holder complete the look nicely