Christmas Morning

14 Jan

I know we have all moved past Christmas and are now on to bigger and better things like New Year’s Resolutions and getting our houses back BUT I must show you a couple pictures I have looked through since the big day.

This is my absolute favorite- It is of Sophi walking down the stairs on Christmas morning.  I love the excitement on her beautiful face,



Jared’s parent’s drove all the way from Colorado to spend Christmas with us.  We had such a wonderful time with them and got to experience Jared’s mom’s famous carmel rolls that morning.


Jared’s sister sent some double bladed ice skates over from Michigan and Sophi would not take them off all day.  She kept saying, “These are my training skates!”  I am surprised she didn’t break her ankle that day.  And I guess the battery opperated toothbrush (hers and Aleah’s) were a big hit.


I love Christmas morning, it is fun to still feel that excitement myself but even more fun to see it on the faces of my girls.


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Doesn’t it already seem like forever ago?

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