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Buying Club

17 Jan

Okie Dokie folks.  I am extremely excited about this.  Probably haven’t been this pumped about anything for quite some time.  Are you DYING to know what it is???

Yeah, thought so.  Okay-

Jared and I joined a club called the Joy of Cook that is a “buying club” where you can buy organic and healthy products for as cheap as regular products.  (the website we go to is but you need a username and password sent to you by someone already in the organization)

So here is how it works- Once a month I look through the online catalogue and see what we need.  They have thousands of items for sale.  Some of the categories are frozen, bulk, dairy and refrigerated, grocery and beverages and personal care.

This month I ordered on the 8th and my items drove in a Semi-Truck from Iowa to our little town on the 16th of January.  It was so incredibly convenient and nice to shop online and have all of my random items in one place a week later.

One of the deals with ordering from this type of system is you have to buy a few more packages as you normally would buy from a grocery store.  This is nice because you will not run out of a certain item for a few months, but a bummer if one of the products turns out to be a dud.  This months order has proven to be a huge success with the family.

we are stocked up

we are stocked up

We bought enough organic coffee to last us for most of the winter, bought incredible smelling lavender shower soap, organic pot stickers that we had with sweet brown jasmine rice for lunch yesterday.  Soda from Blue Sky and Hansens that is cheaper than the soda we can get in our local grocery store.

The kids are set on healthy granola bars for the next few months as well as organic quick oats for our oatmeal mornings.  My favorite deal was the yogurt that was so fairly priced I almost started jumping up and down when I realized my good fortune.


I got 6 of these yogurts, $2.60 for 32 ounces.  Holy smoly, you can’t buy regular yogurt, let alone this yogurt, for this price anywhere.  My two friends who were with me bought 4 yogurts off of me so I wouldn’t have to freeze some.

Okay, I am excited and just can’t believe more people don’t want to be a part of this amazing system.  I am pumped about the items and am already planning ahead to my order next month.

If you live in northern MN, I would love to talk to you so you can be apart of these deals.  And if I have this kind of thing in our tiny town then I am sure there is one like it close to where you live.