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Painting hands and some paper

28 Feb

DSC_5332 DSC_5334Aleah loves crafts.

I told the girls I was going to run upstairs to take a shower and Aleah politely asked, “hey mom.  Could you set us up with a craft before you go?”  How could I say no to that adorable little request.

Don’t worry though, this little painting craft didn’t happen while I was away (I wouldn’t be that crazy).  A typical morning for us means I spend a few minutes on pinterest figuring out a good craft and then try it with the girls.

This morning we tried using hot glue on cardboard and then painting over it.  That did not work so we ended up painting and making a pretty big mess.  Ah well, at least my bath tub is clean from the other day.

So even if your morning doesn’t go as planned at least you tried and the kids had huge smiles on their faces.

DSC_5333 DSC_5330

Crocheted Neck Warmer

22 Feb

I know one stitch when it comes to crocheting.  I suppose I could figure out how to do another kind but I am not a huge fan of reading directions so here I stay with my one happy stitch that I am really good at now =)

DSC_5335 DSC_5336

Aleah had grown out of her previous neck-warmer and needed a new one.  Soooo I broke out the crocket hook and some yarn that I have been hanging onto for about 4 years and got to work.  I actually made this one at a basketball game a few weeks ago.  Since I know nothing about basketball and am not usually exstatic when we end up at one I was very happy to have something to show for my time.  (I do love watching the kids that I know though- don’t get me wrong, I just grew up a hockey gal- so forgive me)

Showing off a recent project, haven’t had many things to show for my time lately.  Cooking gets eaten and its like it never happened and cleaning gets destroyed the minute the kids wake up so it was nice to have something that is still around =)

Kid Bath Paint

19 Feb

Aleah and Sophi were sick and Aleah had to stay home from school which majorly bummed her out.  Soooooo, mommykins to the rescue!

I wanted to give them a bath to get their snotty noses cleared out and also wanted it to be special.

Cue the kid bath paint. Here is how you make it:

2 tbsp. cornstarch
1/3 c. liquid kid soap
Several drops food colouring
Smidge of water to get a good paint consistency


The kids looooved it.  And I had to pry them out of the tub because the water wasn’t exactly warm by the time the paint ran out.


DSC_5459 DSC_5462

And one bonus side effect that I didn’t see coming was the tub was squeaky clean when they were done!  All that soap and scrubbing really did my bathroom some good!  Yay, finally a craft that got something clean instead of making me clean up afterwards for hours.



look at those suds


Happy Valentines Day

14 Feb

It is not too late to make these for your sweetheart.

DSC_5508 DSC_5509

Aren’t they cute?  Aleah cut these out and glued on the eyes and beak.  I wrote out a corny pun (You’re a hoot, Owl be Yours, Guess Whoooooo loves you) and then Aleah wrote her name.  We made 15 of them for the kids in her class and her teachers.  Instead of putting a piece of candy to go with each one we taped a balloon to the back.  Thought it might be a fun twist.  Something for the kids to play with when they are running around and hyped up on all the Valentines candy.

Listen Up

13 Feb

Actually I am not having twins, yes- I am quite sure.  How good of you to ask though.

Okay, people.  Listen up.  I am a young healthy pregnant mom who just happens to get a very large belly when I am expecting.  Lord only knows why my belly juts out like it does, but I can assure you it is not because I sit on the couch eating ice cream all day.  I am usually running around chasing my girls and juggling life stuff.  I actually just stopped playing hockey last week and am still skate skiing and doing workout videos thank you very much.

Why on earth do people think they can say whatever pops into their head when it comes to pregnant moms?

Would you tell ANYONE else you come into contact with that they are getting quite huge?  No, no you wouldn’t.  And the person who you ESPECIALLY should not be saying that to is someone who is sustaining another life, with wacky hormones that probably doesn’t enjoy the fact that her beach bod is being taken over.

Here is a blog article that my sister wrote while she was coming toward the end of her pregnancy- a very good read.

26189_558030485909_3253171_n 39645_565840599379_1570205_n

I am not one of those ladies who likes being pregnant.  I love the end result- don’t get me wrong, but I like having my body to myself.  I really shouldn’t complain because I have fairly easy pregnancies BUT one side effect is that my belly is out there.  So out there that people can’t seem to help themselves with rude comments.  I have 12 more weeks and people are already making the, “You are a huge,” comments.  I don’t know if I can survive three more months of this.

So please, be nice to those around you who are pregnant.  I promise it is not easy to do this.  Even though we put on a tough face and pretend like it is.


Letter Game

9 Feb

I am always looking for educational games that the kids will like.

Okay, what do kids love?  Music- check.  Running around- check.

I have done this game before by putting tape on the carpet but decided to take a lot of work out of the equation and used letters we already have.


The girls have a couple different versions of this game we play.

1.  Play music while the girls run jump around the circle from letter to letter.  When I pause the music they have to stop as fast as they can on a letter.  Let’s stay that Aleah lands on B.  I first ask her what sound the letter B makes and then ask her to tell me a word that starts with the letter B.  Soph still needs quite a bit of help with this game but Aleah is always willing to help out =)


2.  Mix up all the letters in a pile and they need to sort out the letters out in their proper order, A- B-C….

3.  Take the letters and place them on things around the room that start with that same letter, put the letter W by the Window.

I think there are a few other random varieties of this game but you get the general idea of it.  Letters, fun, learning etc.


Pasta Press

7 Feb

DSC_5200Loving my noodle press.


I have shared with you all my noodle recipe before, 3/4 cup flour and one egg for each person eating.  The noodle dough needs to rest for 30 minutes, cranking the dough in the press takes about 5-10 minutes depending on the help you have and cooking the noodles only takes a few minutes to reach perfection.

Since the hardest part about making the noodles was rolling them out by hand and the cutting them.  I asked my folks for a noodle press for Christmas and couldn’t be more happy with it.


The girls LOVE turning the crank and helping out making dinner.  Whenever the kids are involved in creating meals they always eat more.  Not sure why this is the case but I am all for it =)

DSC_5191 DSC_5194

Of course things taste better when you are dressed like a princess.

DSC_5205 DSC_5203

A Merry Pouf

1 Feb

DSC_5163For Christmas I made Jared’s mom an awesome pouf.  It was one of those gifts were you can’t wait to give it to the person because you know that you nailed it. Here is the link if you want to make one yourself


Also it was one of those gifts that I just wanted to keep for myself =)  It turned out way better than my poufs, ah well.  Practice makes perfect right?


Mary and I sitting on our poufs with our new matching jammie pants and slippers

I made her pouf out of an ugly floor length old navy skirt that I used to actually wear (ew) as well as some flannel fabric I have been hanging onto for a while.  The issue with a pouf is that it takes a TON of stuffing to fill it up.  I used all the sweater remnants and sweater bodies I have been saving as well as a whole lot of craft store white filling.  I emptied about two suitcases of extra fabric that was too small to use on anything else.  So glad to get that out of my closet!

I can’t wait to visit Colorado and visit the pouf in its new habitat.  Oh yeah, and to see Jared’s folks too!


It was -29 this morning and is currently -20 (feels like -34).  Guess it is a good day to get crafty, drink smoothies and hang out with Sophi Joyfuls- inside.