A Merry Pouf

1 Feb

DSC_5163For Christmas I made Jared’s mom an awesome pouf.  It was one of those gifts were you can’t wait to give it to the person because you know that you nailed it. Here is the link if you want to make one yourself


Also it was one of those gifts that I just wanted to keep for myself =)  It turned out way better than my poufs, ah well.  Practice makes perfect right?


Mary and I sitting on our poufs with our new matching jammie pants and slippers

I made her pouf out of an ugly floor length old navy skirt that I used to actually wear (ew) as well as some flannel fabric I have been hanging onto for a while.  The issue with a pouf is that it takes a TON of stuffing to fill it up.  I used all the sweater remnants and sweater bodies I have been saving as well as a whole lot of craft store white filling.  I emptied about two suitcases of extra fabric that was too small to use on anything else.  So glad to get that out of my closet!

I can’t wait to visit Colorado and visit the pouf in its new habitat.  Oh yeah, and to see Jared’s folks too!


It was -29 this morning and is currently -20 (feels like -34).  Guess it is a good day to get crafty, drink smoothies and hang out with Sophi Joyfuls- inside.

One Response to “A Merry Pouf”

  1. Mary February 1, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    Your “poof” is very well situated as we are… It’s awesome and I love it! oh yea, we love you too… Now come see us!! (and your poof)

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