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Letter Game

9 Feb

I am always looking for educational games that the kids will like.

Okay, what do kids love?  Music- check.  Running around- check.

I have done this game before by putting tape on the carpet but decided to take a lot of work out of the equation and used letters we already have.


The girls have a couple different versions of this game we play.

1.  Play music while the girls run jump around the circle from letter to letter.  When I pause the music they have to stop as fast as they can on a letter.  Let’s stay that Aleah lands on B.  I first ask her what sound the letter B makes and then ask her to tell me a word that starts with the letter B.  Soph still needs quite a bit of help with this game but Aleah is always willing to help out =)


2.  Mix up all the letters in a pile and they need to sort out the letters out in their proper order, A- B-C….

3.  Take the letters and place them on things around the room that start with that same letter, put the letter W by the Window.

I think there are a few other random varieties of this game but you get the general idea of it.  Letters, fun, learning etc.