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Painting hands and some paper

28 Feb

DSC_5332 DSC_5334Aleah loves crafts.

I told the girls I was going to run upstairs to take a shower and Aleah politely asked, “hey mom.  Could you set us up with a craft before you go?”  How could I say no to that adorable little request.

Don’t worry though, this little painting craft didn’t happen while I was away (I wouldn’t be that crazy).  A typical morning for us means I spend a few minutes on pinterest figuring out a good craft and then try it with the girls.

This morning we tried using hot glue on cardboard and then painting over it.  That did not work so we ended up painting and making a pretty big mess.  Ah well, at least my bath tub is clean from the other day.

So even if your morning doesn’t go as planned at least you tried and the kids had huge smiles on their faces.

DSC_5333 DSC_5330