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Aleah’s Pink Room

6 Mar

When baby comes this spring Aleah and Sophi will move in together and share a room.  They have never before shared a room because of different sleep schedules.  So this will be a new endeaver for them and for us.  Wish us luck.


Aleah will be moving out of her pink room and into Sophi’s gray and yellow room(the yellow room is a good size bigger that the pink room).  If baby three is a girl, we will keep the room pink but if we have a boy then the pink will have to go and we will paint the accent wall something a bit more manly.

DSC_5508 DSC_5506 DSC_5505

I thought I should show you Aleah’s beautiful room since it has a 50/50 chance of being repainted.

Isn’t it a happy place?

Aleah painted on some canvas board with the leftover paint from her room.  I painted the canvas in the middle white and then cut out some pink flower fabric and glued it on.  The painting on the far right is of a little ballet dancer that I got at a cute antique shop nearby.  She also painted the knobs of her dressers.