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Sophi’s Gray and Yellow Room

9 Mar

This will be the room the two girls share when the babe graces us with his/her presence.

As you can see the gray and yellow room is a bit bigger than the pink room.  Aleah and Sophi claim they are getting bunk beds when they move in together.  Not sure who planted this idea into their head but I suppose it is something that could happen someday.


The framed pictures are copies from an old nursery rhyme book my mom and I found at a flea market.  Since it is so old we don’t have to worry about copyrights.

DSC_5511 DSC_5512

We got this bed and other furniture pieces from a friend of my grandma who was moving out of her big house into something smaller.  Aren’t they beautiful?


The rug came from IKEA for about $20.  The curtain is actually a shower curtain from Target.  Soooo much cheaper that buying fabric from a craft store.  I covered the safety bar on her bed with a vintage sheet to coordinate with the walls.  We’ll see how this all works out and looks when they move in together and start sharing.