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Bathroom Makeover

13 Mar

Growing up, me and my sisters had a bathroom of our own.  We would clean it up every once in a while but mostly we would keep it a bit of a pig sty.  Clothes everywhere, shampoo and conditioner out the wazoo, and the counter so covered in makeup and hair supplies you couldn’t actually see the counter surrounding the sinks.

Our girls have a bathroom outside of their rooms that they specifically use and Jared and I have our own bathroom in our bedroom.  This is a mostly great set-up.  Except that when we have day guests their bathroom is what these guests use.  It is always nerve wracking trying to remember if that bathroom has been checked recently for gross kid stuff.

Here is the bathroom after it has been thoroughly cleaned and picked up.


After we painted almost every room in this house we got a bit overwhelmed with paint choices.  We decided that after taking down the wallpaper to simply paint the walls white and decorate it when we felt inspired.


After a few months of living in our house, this is what we came up with.  I like that if we get sick of it- a change would be very easy to achieve.


This window came from a garage sale a few summers ago.  I loved the color and shape so much that I kept hanging onto it even through all our moves.  And the dresser came from the dump, don’t judge us- there was nothing dead or dying in it AND it was the prefect color- how lucky are we?


The pictures are canvas boards covered in a shower curtain. (can you tell I kinda like shower curtains =)