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Bubble Bath

15 Mar


Aleah and Sophi LOVE princess stuff.  They have princess dresses, books, crowns, shoes and some movies.  I saw this soap at target and grabbed it knowing it would be a big hit with the girls.  The front had a pretty and inviting picture of pretty princesses.

After I got home I read the back and was a bit startled.  This is what I found:


Warnings galore.

After taking a bath with this soap you are suppose to thoroughly rinse off your kids so they don’t get a rash or a urinary tract infection.  Are you serious?  That is terrible.  Soap should be SAFE, especially when you are dunking your children into a bath full of the stuff.  I also saw that it was made in China.

Sooooooooo, I got this stuff and can feel good about my kids being bathed in it.


Yes it’s is true there are no fun princesses on the cover to lure in the kids (or me) BUT it won’t hurt them.  You would not believe how good this stuff smells and it is safe.  Phew.


I feel stupid for buying the princess bottle but redeemed that we are now good to go.