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Super Capes

27 Mar

There was one morning when we didn’t have ECFE to occupy us so to make morning a bit more eventful we made super hero capes.


I was looking through my fabric and found this silver/shiny stuff.  Pretty out-there huh?  I love having a solid stash of fabric that meets most of my random needs.

DSC_5712 DSC_5709 DSC_5710

Aleah and Sophi chose the fabric for the letters and crowns on their capes.  Aleah loved the cupcake fabric and needed to have the star below her A too.


Whenever they put their capes on they run all over the house.  What fun is a cape if it’s not flowing in the breeze.

I bet I didn’t even use a yard of fabric to make these and it took about an hour, mostly because of my helpers =)