Dirt Cake

4 Apr

How in tarnation did my little Sophi turn 3 years old?

Ever since she could move around Sophi has been eating dirt.  Why in the world would you let your child eat dirt?  Trust me, we tried to stop her, honestly we did.  We would be at the beach swimming our afternoon away when she would grab a full handful of sand and pop it into her mouth.  Most kids would do this one time (or no times) and quickly learn that sand was not a food item and that having sand stuck in between your teeth was not a pleasant experience.  And lets face it, sand doesn’t taste good.  Not her though, later on that afternoon she would try it again and she would probably do the same thing again the next day.  Lets just say she has taste tested dirt across the country.  We think she may have grown out of this but I guess it is too soon to tell since she hasn’t had access to dirt for a few months thanks to the abundance of snow.

DSC_5717 DSC_5722 DSC_5724 DSC_5726

Sooooooooo, since she has been a dirt lover her whole life I thought what better cake to make for her birthday than  DIRT CAKE!  (hope this doesn’t go on to further confuse her =)


We had a few friends over for her special day and all the kids thought it was pretty hilarious that they were eating dirt with (gummy) worms in it.  And lets just say this was the easiest cake I have ever been a part of, thank goodness.  Just some chocolate pudding, chocolate cream, chocolate cake and a package of Oreos.  And of course a fake flower and flower pot to complete the look.

Happy Birthday Sophi Joyfuls, thanks for making our life so entertaining and interesting.  Love you.


doesn’t it make a nice centerpiece?

2 Responses to “Dirt Cake”

  1. Tonia (@IttyBittyImpact) April 18, 2013 at 10:19 am #

    This is freakin’ me out, man! Seems like yesterday that it was CAROLINE having the garden-themed birthday party with the dirt cake. I can still taste that cake, that’s how good it was. I’m sure your girls will remember this party forever as well! Soph looks so grown up all of a sudden!!!!

    • Caitlyn April 18, 2013 at 3:48 pm #

      you should see her new short hair cut, so cute but makes her look way too old!

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