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Life on the Little Fork: Still Winter

11 Apr

by Jared

Yes we are ready for Spring.

Yes we are planning our garden and a new greenhouse this year.

And yes, these pictures were taken just Monday morning.  I know we aren’t alone, as the heartland is shivering under yet another substantial spring snow.

DSC_5805 DSC_5806 DSC_5807

Since we can’t really jump right into the gardening posts, I thought one more post about our adventures this winter would be fitting.  Forewarning, the following photos depict the very raw reality when hungry wolf meets deer in the bleak midwinter.

I awoke in the dark of morning sometime in January and noticed a shadowy silhouette on the river that seemed out of place.  After a moment, I realized it was a large animal struggling to drag something through the snow.  As I strained to get a better look the beast must have sensed my movement and quickly strode out of sight.  I shared the story with my family, and after we ate breakfast we scampered down to the river to see what remained (and yes, our children are well aware of what happens in the wild; no need to euphemize).  The rest of the story tells itself.

DSC_5262 DSC_5268 DSC_5269 DSC_5270 DSC_5274 DSC_5321

These final three photos were taken around lunchtime the same day we had discovered the deer carcass.  Shortly after we came in for the afternoon we noticed the wolf had returned to once again carve his canines into the freshest venison in the area.  It was a fascinating thing to observe.

DSC_5322 DSC_5323 DSC_5324