Little Library

17 Apr

We love our little downstairs nook.  It is cozy and cheerful and full of wonderful books to explore.DSC_5493 DSC_5495

Many nights we head down there with the girls to read a few stories before heading to bed.

DSC_5498 DSC_5497

Can it please stop snowing and start melting so we can start the hesowed part of this blog!?!?!?

One Response to “Little Library”

  1. Tonia (@IttyBittyImpact) April 18, 2013 at 10:09 am #

    I love that room too! Your house is so welcoming and bright and cheerful! Who cares if the weather sucks when you can be inside such a sweet home. 🙂 But we are praying for spring too…woke up to fresh snow this morning (APRIL 18!!!) and couldn’t believe our eyes! Blerg.

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