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Polar Plunge

25 Apr

Welp, it is still very very much winter around these parts.  So why not saw a hole through the ice and jump in right?


We had a polar plunge for our youth group on April 13th.  Last year we had the plunge in the middle of March and it was a 50 degree day with bright sunshine.  Almost a month later this year and it is still snowing every other day and it was below zero a couple days ago.


What we need around here is a good solid rain storm and some temperatures in the 50s and 60s.


Enough complaining for now, we had a wonderful afternoon out at White Eagle Resort where the owners helped cut the hole and even jumped in too!  This resort is absolutely stunning with over a thousand feet of beautiful lakefront (or ice front) on Lake Vermilion.



Hope you enjoyed some shots from the big event.  I sat it out this year but will definitely be back at it next year.