thanks aunt lina!

2 Jun

When my little sister Caroline came to visit last week I definitely put her to work.  She made a fantastic picture for Hudson’s future room (I will show you later) and also she took some great pictures of the kids.  You wouldn’t believe how many pictures you have to take to get a few good ones.  Thank goodness for digital cameras, right?

27CokFMh aSGvK05h b9sgxuWh BpKqTu7h DAFgiIRh E8EOovJh hzTHrjWh NWPBtFXh O6kAaRhh So1UdaCh


Thank you Auntie Lina, you are my hero.

One Response to “thanks aunt lina!”

  1. Terry Ludwig June 3, 2013 at 10:00 am #

    Such a beautiful family!

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