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Waverly Contest

26 Jul

It’s kinda funny now that I am super slacking on my blog- lots of free goodies are coming my way.  Next up is a chance for y’all to win $1,000 in Waverly fabric and a $250 Jo-Ann gifts card.

For  now it is my turn to do the winning =)

I got two yards of fabric in the mail and here is what it looks like:


I think free fabric might be cooler than free books

Now in order to win a $100 gift card to Jo-Anns for myself I must be one of the three bloggers who comes up with the “most unique project.”  I have absolutely no idea what I am going to make yet.  Any ideas?  Is that cheating if I ask you lovely people for good ideas =)  Hope not

Maybe you need to save your excellent idea so you can win the grand prize.  So get your creative minds cranking because you will all get a chance to win from Sept 1 to Sept 22.

My project must be posted on my blog between Sept 1 and Sept 5- hopefully I can get my act together before then.  Haven’t exactly sewn anything since the little man was born.

Good luck to us all.


21 Jul

Summer at the moment is glorious.  The mosquitoes have lost their stronghold on the Northland and the heat has subsided to a more comfortable temperature. Time to head to a boat and get in some fishing.

Jared’s folks were in town the other day and we got to have some adventures out on their boat.

100_4371100_4374 100_4376 100_4381 100_4382

Aleah is an incredible fishergirl.  She is not afraid, intimidated or grossed out about any part of fishing.  She will even lip her fish which is unheard of in the world of five year olds.  She can cast her little Scooby Doo pole like a champ, and when she reels in a big fish, the little muscles in her arms flex with the struggle.  I had missed a few of the fishing outings when Hudson was born and was blown away by how self sufficient and incredible she has become around the fishing world.  Nice work Aleah, can you bait my hook for me please =)


Sewing School Giveaway Winner

18 Jul


And the winner of this Wonderful sewing book …….

chosen by random Aleah selection is….

this comment:

“Caitlyn, it’s impressive how you and Aleah did that project while the other little ones were napping. I love the pin cushion – every sewer needs one, and it was easy for Aleah to make herself. I’m thinking I need to get this book, especially since Zoe is really into sewing. Thanks for sharing your creative life with us!”

Congratulations Becky Trip- If you get your address to me I will be sure to mail to book out to you ASAP- maybe in between naps again =)

And for those of you who didn’t win a book-  I hope to have another giveaway soon.

Sewing School 2 Giveaway

16 Jul

Here we are with a book giveaway.  Get excited, get very excited.  Just leave a comment and you might get this book!

Part of this book is teaching kids the steps to getting organized and safety procedures involved in using a sewing machine.  Some of the first project this book involves is crafts to get you ready to be succesful in your future sewing adventures.


Aleah wanted to make a pin cushion to get her prepared to be a super sewing girl.



The only thing we changed is instead of using stuffing for the filling we used rice so it can double as a bean bag for games when we take out the pins and need a bean bag like item.


There were MANY cooler things we could have made but we squeezed this project into the time where Hudson AND Sophi were napping.  All the while hoping they would stay sleeping long enough for us to get this finished.



Love this girl and am proud of her sewing skills and goofy faces


Good luck with the giveaway and thanks for stopping by!

Sewing School 2

11 Jul

One of the best part about having this blog is the stream of free books that people send me.  It’s like getting paid in cool sewing/kids books.  How awesome is that?  I bet YOU wish you could get paid in books, am I right =)?

Here is one of the most recent books I have been sent- It is called Sewing School 2 and it teaches kids about using the sewing machine.  In the book are patterns and helpful tips so kids can be successful while making cute projects.


For many days this month different blogs are featuring different projects.  You will get to see the sewing craft Aleah made on July 16th- be very excited- cause she sure was!

Here is the list of the other blogs that are a part of reviewing this book:

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Check them all out because they are pretty cool blogs and I will also have a giveaway of this book on July 16, so comment away!