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11 Aug

The chickens have arrived

and so

we have arrived.

Ever since my sister’s boyfriend (now husband) brought over some of his family’s farm fresh eggs to our tiny Bethel Seminary apartment, I have been hooked.

I felt like I had not eaten an egg since that spring day in 2010.  Both Jared and I were amazed by the orange gold glow the eggs gave off and their buttery taste.  After that first farm fresh fried egg we knew that one day we had to own some hens of our own.

In the afternoon of August eighth our dreams became a reality.  Well, kind of.  They are at least a month or so away from laying eggs.  They were born in April and I guess they don’t start laying until they are about 17 weeks old.  Darn.

Jared spent about three days building the chickens’ coop.  He spent Sunday (afternoon until evening)  and then Monday building.  And then right after he got done with work on Tuesday and Wednesday he set outside to building.  I usually have a problem with him being busy for that long but the chickens had a deadline and he got it finished by Thursday afternoon.

DSC_6415 DSC_6417 DSC_6419 DSC_6424 DSC_6425 DSC_6437 DSC_6439 DSC_6440

And the girls enjoyed “helping” Jared.  One time Sophi ran in at top speed to go to the bathroom announcing that they were working REALLY hard out there.  She had her shirt off to match Jared who (of course) also had his shirt off.

We checked on them last night and they were peacefully roosting on a ladder Jared built and looked quite at home.

Each of the eight will be carefully named and very loved by the girls.  They have already mastered the art of sneaking behind the wandering hens and scooping them up.


Welcome to our eight little hens, we can’t wait until we can taste the first eggs.