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Hudson’s Room

21 Sep

Here is a pictures of Hudson’s bedroom before the trees:


I am so glad my mom was in town to help me with painting his room.  His room looked fine the way it was- with the teal wall and then the deer head picture.  But I was thinking about painting a few trees on the wall but this seemed a bit daunting to me.

My mom was the one who told me to use chalk to draw the outline of the trees- otherwise I don’t think I could have done it.  It was reassuring to know that if I didn’t like the shape of the tree I could just wipe the chalk away and make the branch go another direction.

DSC_6487 DSC_6484

I wish I got a picture of my mom and I painting this together because it was definitely a team effort.  Thanks mom!


His room is so happy and I love sitting in his room, staring at the picture and trees while nursing him to sleep.

He is already four and a half months, can you believe it?  I can’t, not at all.

Loving this little boy and loving his new room.  His crib now sits underneath the picture and he can lay and look at this beauty of a wall when we wakes up.


Deer Head

13 Sep

My sister has skills.  I am talking out of this world, holy crap, mad skills.

She came up to meet Hudson a while ago and while she was here I put her to work because she can make things I couldn’t even dream of making.  And she will do it in a few hours without breaking a sweat or thinking twice about it.

I wanted Hudson’s room to be boyish but not in the sense of sports or just dark blue and random.  I saw a few pictures on pinterest and showed Caroline what I was thinking.  She got right to work after giving Hudson some smooches to him chubby cheeks.

970882_4645257821523_1607888640_n 971749_4645258141531_1021719674_n

She used a huge picture that we bought in Ely for $5 at the Goodwill.  It had some super lame landscape scene on it.  (wish I had gotten a picture of it but trust me- it was lame).


She painted strips over the landscape scene and when that dried she drew the outline of a deer head with chalk.  She used chalk so if she needed to move the line a little this way or that it was easy to fix instead of redoing the entire picture.


She even made the frame match the colors of his room and look very worn and vintage.  (I didn’t even know you could do that!)


I will show you Hudson’s finished room in a few days, until then- this is the focal point of the room and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out.  Thanks Aunt Lina!

ps if you need some Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary etc cakes done or pictures painted for you head over here.  She’s got skills and she knows how to use them =)

And The Winner Is…

12 Sep



makingmondays, please e-mail me your address so I can get this book out to you

As you can see I waited until the last minute (welcome to my life) for the winner to be chosen.  Precious Aleah picked this one out of a hat after she was already in bed.  I don’t think she minded a little extra awake time.

Thanks Emily for the book giveaway and thanks for the comments and love.

Book Giveaway

9 Sep

We have a book giveaway for y’all.

Here is the book you can win-


We all have times where we have a couple hours to kill with our kids before lunch, nap time, dinner, sporting event or whatever.  This book would be a wonderful resource for those in between times since they are relatively easy and very kid friendly projects.


Take paint and water it down a bit, put a blob on your paper and then blow through a straw to splatter the paint into weird shapes.


We added google eyes and then added wings and smiles and feet using markers.

DSC_6570 DSC_6572

I know Aleah and Sophi loved making these monsters.  And I was just glad we could do this outside =)


They are now all over our kitchen protecting our food and cups and plates.  The kids think it is pretty hilarious and love saying, “Look out behind you!  There is a big monster!!!”

This book giveaway is brought to you by Emily who has a blog over here and is also a Usborne Book consultant.  Comment away for your chance to win.  I will let you know who the winner is on Thursday and the comments will count until then.  Good luck!

Waverly Contest Entry

3 Sep

Click here for your chance to win

Here is my entry to perhaps win the $100 gift card to JoAnn Fabrics and some more excellent Waverly fabric.

The winner had to make the most unique project and I think we came through-



First Jared took an old wipe off board and covered it with the lovely Waverly fabric.  It was perfect fabric for the job since it is very thick and sturdy and withheld being stapled to the board.

DSC_6579 DSC_6582

And yes, watching “The Big Bang Theory” does help make these sort of projects more fun.

We attached shutters with hinges that I had bought two summers ago at a garage sale (2 for $1), so glad we found an awesome purpose for them.

I added a couple flowers to the top right side of the puppet stage to spice it up a bit and to incorporate actual sewing.

First fold fabric wrong sides together and then cut it this way:


Then sew the straight line with a basting stitch and pull one thread to gather the fabric:


Wrap the fabric around your finger to form a beauty of a flower


then I hand sewed the flowers to the fabric:


Don’t you want to perform a puppet show here???


Aleah took this picture of me and Sophi doing a puppet show


I am so glad they chose this print to send to me because it will look wonderful in our toy room and it looks great for outdoor showings of our new puppet theater.

One of my favorite parts of this theater is that it folds flat, for easy storage for those few minutes when we are not practicing our puppeteering skills.


So good luck to me and now good luck to you-

Don’t forget about your chance to win.

The grand prize for the Facebook contest is $1,000 in Waverly fabric and a $250 JoAnn gift card!!!

Head over to entry your project- click me!

And you should go and like their facebook page too.

I would absolutely love it if one of you won!  And A big happy 90th anniversary to Waverly Fabric.

This little guy would sure love it if we all won