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Hudson’s Room

21 Sep

Here is a pictures of Hudson’s bedroom before the trees:


I am so glad my mom was in town to help me with painting his room.  His room looked fine the way it was- with the teal wall and then the deer head picture.  But I was thinking about painting a few trees on the wall but this seemed a bit daunting to me.

My mom was the one who told me to use chalk to draw the outline of the trees- otherwise I don’t think I could have done it.  It was reassuring to know that if I didn’t like the shape of the tree I could just wipe the chalk away and make the branch go another direction.

DSC_6487 DSC_6484

I wish I got a picture of my mom and I painting this together because it was definitely a team effort.  Thanks mom!


His room is so happy and I love sitting in his room, staring at the picture and trees while nursing him to sleep.

He is already four and a half months, can you believe it?  I can’t, not at all.

Loving this little boy and loving his new room.  His crib now sits underneath the picture and he can lay and look at this beauty of a wall when we wakes up.