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Thrifty Thursdays

31 Oct

Last Sunday I was reaching my wits end and needed some time away from, well, everything.

So after church the kids headed for their naps and I headed for Hibbing- the closest place with stores and options.  I pulled into the goodwill parking lot only to find that it was closed on Sundays…dang.  So I headed to the next best things- Caribou and JoAnn Fabrics.

As I am sipping my fancy beverage and walking the aisles looking at beautiful fabricI think to myself- ah… this is nice.

I finally got to use some gift cards from last Christmas on the drink and some super soft material for kiddo Christmas presents.  And the best part- I got a break.  I got to walk leisurely around a store and focus on the things I came there for and I got to drink MY WHOLE COFFEE!!!  You have NO idea how many coffee cups I have poured and never finished because someone needed to be wiped or someone needed me to un-dreadlock their hair.

Since I was on a use up some gift card  kick- I walked across the “mall” to JC Pennys and walked right to the $2.97 rack.  I was quite pleasantly surprised when I found 4 shirts that I wanted.  Go me.

4 3

Then I meandered back to the kid section and found some gems for $0.97!


I bought 4 pairs of shorts, 2 kid outfits and 4 shirts for myself and spent $17.

Win, win.  I got some alone time AND got some great deals.

After my outing I headed home and was ready to be a good mom again =) it’s amazing what a few hours of quiet can do