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Sweater Leg Warmers

5 Dec

I am a Shark Tank addict.  I love watching that show on Friday nights and seeing all the incredible new inventions and ideas, and I also love when some people have terrible ideas because then the sharks can give said person a reality check.  I have a secret life goal to be on that show some day.  Don’t you all just feel like you have a million dollar idea rolling around in your head and all you have to do is pull it out of your brain and you’ll magically be filthy rich?  Well, we can dream right?

Anyways.  I was watching a few weeks ago and Grace and Lace Co was on the show with her husband.  She has a simple etsy shop where she sells leg warmers and really adorable long stockings with lace on top.  Since tall boots are all the rage at the moment- these are very popular since they stick out above the boot.  She has 57,364 sales as of this moment and she sells most of her products for $25-$40.  Holy Moses.

After watching this show I headed downstairs, cut up a sweater and made myself and Sophi some leg warmers in about 5 minutes.

DSC_6945 DSC_6947

Okay people, what is our million dollar idea going to be???