Cooking with Courtney

13 Jan

We got to spend some wonderful time at Grandma and Grandpa’s (my parents) house over Christmas break.  It was such a nice change of scenery and great to see family.  My older sister, Courtney, lives about 8 hours away in southern Wisconsin so I definitely don’t get to see her enough.  Her little boy is 7 month older than Hudson and as cute as a button.  I loved getting to know this serious little thinker a bit better.  He usually had this perplexed look on his face like he is trying to figure out everything about everything, gol he is adorable and funny.

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So while my mom and I played with the boys, my older sister won some serious auntie points with Courtney’s Cooking Classes.  Pretty much any time the girls would get crabby or start to fight with each other she would say, “Who wants to help me bake something!!?!”  The girls would forget whatever disagreement they were so set on fighting about and turn to her and yell, “ME!!!!!”

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I think they baked something every single day we were there.  Courtney is an incredible gluten free chef.  She has been GF for 6 or so years and her dishes and baked goods are so amazing you never miss the gluten.

Their favorite concoction was a lemon cake with lemon frosting with some of our wild blueberries poured over the top.  Yum.  It tasted fresh and light during the cold conclusion of 2013.  Thanks Auntie Court!

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