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Kitchen Stencil (cooler than it sounds)

20 Feb

Every winter we end up doing a few home makeover projects since we have to look at the inside of our house so often.  We have recently tackled our dining room with painting a wall, painting a table top and just recently I painted this above the patio doors:Image

I think it ties the room together and I love that this is the first thing people will read when they walk into our house.

Here is how it’s done:

First print off the quote in whatever fancy font you prefer, then rub the back with a pencil:


Sucker your mom into taping the words to your wall and then trace each letter:


Magically, when you pull off the paper, the letters will be outlined


Grab your headlamp- you know it’s a good crafty project if you are forced to wear your headlamp.


Very seriously stare at your letters until they are complete.  And have tons of fun!

image image

All in all this project took one or two hours for three nights- so 4 hours total.  It was fairly easy but took some patience and a steady hand to paint in the letters.

image image


17 Feb

The kids and I spent the week at my parents house after playing in the pond hockey tournament in Eagle River.  I love this annual tradition alongside friends I grew up with.  (we weren’t sure what place we finished so we are all holding up a different finger)


It is finally warm enough that we can go outside for longer than ten minutes!  Hooray!  We are currently getting a snow storm and loving it.  We have no where to go this morning and are hanging around and playing in the beautiful snow-globe like flakes.  Loving it.

Look at all this beautiful fluffy snow!

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4 unnamed

The girls are sure glad to be with their daddy!