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Wedding Suit

6 Mar

I was approached after church two Sundays ago and asked  if I would be able to help with a sewing project.  The project?  Oh just, making a suit fit for a wedding that would take place in six days.  Uh….what?  Oh yeah and the kicker…the suit was for the FATHER OF THE BRIDE!!!! I mean seriously, besides the bride and groom, this is probably the most importantly dressed person.  This person has to walk down the isle and everyone is staring at them.  I mean granted, most were looking at Christie, the bride, but the wedding goers might occasionally glance at Mark, her dad.  Yikes.  At even the thought of this project I started to sweat.

I informed the Shermers that I had no idea how to do this and I would probably end up making Mark look like a homeless person.  They have WAY more faith in me than I in myself.

But in the mindset of being a willing participant, I agreed to try it out if a professional, Irene, Mark’s sister, was there to point me in the right direction.  So the Shermers agreed and came over to my house on Monday.

There we were in the basement looking at this suit that would hardly button in front.  Mark claimed in would probably be fine as it was just long as he didn’t move his arms and definitely didn’t try to hug anyone.  Well, that wasn’t going to do.  You cannot be the father of the bride and not hug anyone, right?

I wish I took pictures of the suit beforehand but I was assuming this was not going to work out.  Honestly.

I would have taken pictures of the suit while it was taken completely apart but I was freaking out so bad that I didn’t have time to even contemplate getting out my camera.

Irene, told me what I needed to do to make the suit fit.  I cut a strip of fabric (from an extra pair of pants) 3 inches wide that gradually narrowed to 2 inches wide, going from the bottom of the coat to the tip of the wrist.  I would have to do the same with the lining.  Try and make the armpits comfortable, fold the cuffs over so the lining would not show, sew things inside out, etc… After she drew me a diagram, she headed out to work on Christie’s wedding dress that needed more alterations.

And I freaked out some more.  As I took out each stitch with the seam ripper, I may have died a little. (I realize that I am being quite dramatic but you should have seen me those few days).

Negative thoughts kept racing through my head as I worked….  He is going to be walking down the aisle with a suit with no sleeves, does the suit really need a lining, what will Christie think if her dad had thread hanging out of the armpits, what if he can’t move his arms, what if he can’t move his legs, what if I burn more of the lining and set off the smoke alarm…

He came over each following day to make sure I was headed in the right direction. Each time I was more and more surprised that this was actually working!

When Mark came over for the last time, on Thursday and slid that coat on, I could not believe my eyes.  It actually fit and the suit looked wonderful on him.  No one was more shocked than myself.  Not only did it fit him, but he would be able to hug people on the wedding day!   Wow. Wow and phew.


DSC_7220 DSC_7223 DSC_7226 DSC_7227

Here are some more pictures of the wedding night.

DSC_7206 DSC_7204 DSC_7193 DSC_7180 DSC_7175

Hudson dressed down for dinner-


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