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A Chicken for Every Kid

25 Apr

If I run for president someday perhaps my slogan will be, “A Chicken For Every Kid.”  (kinda like the 1928 slogan of Herbert Hoover of “A Chicken in Every Pot”)  Maybe not.  But seriously I LOVE having chickens and they are so so good for kids.  I will tell you why every kid needs a chicken or two:


1.  They are fun to have around.  A constant source of fun right outside your front door

2.  Chickens teach responsibility.  If you don’t check the coup a few times a day, the eggs will get cracked or eaten.  And a couple times a week they need new water and feed.

3.  Chasing chickens is a great workout, running around the yard trying to catch your favorite hen is quite tiresome and exciting.

4.  Chickens are entertaining, whether the kids are chasing them or they are just pecking around the yard they are fun to watch.  Hudson often stands at the window making squawking sounds as the chickens scratch around in the yard.

5. Chickens are hearty, I am in no way worried about the kids hurting the chickens.  They can wrangle them and rough around with them and the hens will be just fine- beside maybe not laying for a day or two

6. Chickens are fun to name, we currently have 13 hens,3 old ladies who are destined for the pot– Spider, Fluffy, Ellen, 3 banties- Merida, Fancy, Spike. And seven others, Torrealba, Pecker, Cindy Lou Who, Star, Cardinal, Raccoony, and Chick Chick.

7.  They are photogenic, the kids are proud when they catch a chicken so they are more inclined to smile for a cute picture


8.  Chicken eggs are delicious, homegrown hen eggs are one of the most delicious thing you can possibly eat, what better way for a kid to start their day then a golden orange scrambled egg?  This is the most we have ever had!



So there, get some chickens, and vote me for president while you are at it =)


Seeds A’Sproutin

19 Apr

The first slightly warm and sunny day we headed outside to start our garden.

photo 2 unnamed-1 unnamed-3

I find it pretty incredible that our food for this summer is sitting in front of us in these trays.


Huddy was happy to try out the cozy coupe, which surprisingly is the #1 selling car in America.


Now we can just sit back and watch the magic happen.


Give it another shot…

13 Apr

It is nice to clean up every once in a while and head to a wedding.  This past weekend Jared’s cousin got married to a wonderful and sweet gal.  It was a morning wedding with delicious breakfast food and good lighting for pictures =)



They are perfect for one another and they clean up nice too =)


I am so thankful for the digital camera.

When I was growing up we did not have digital cameras.  We took pictures, then brought them in to get developed, held our breath and hoped for the best.  It was not until you opened up that envelope full of pictures that you would know if you had any pictures you wanted at all.  And unfortunately you would have to pay to get all those crappy, kids screaming, pictures developed along with any good ones you might have luckily taken.

All I am going to say is every mom is eternally grateful for digital cameras.  You can delete 39 pictures after looking through them to find that one gem.

Here is an example of a bad picture:


And here is an example of a good picture:

And that’s why it’s worth it to give it another shot!


Love my sweet, sweet family.


I Spy Book

6 Apr

Aleah and Sophi love “find it” or “I Spy” books.  These are really good books for them to look at while they are waiting to fall asleep since reading is not required.

I thought it would be fun if we made our own finding book with our own toys.  It was a success and the girls loved sorting through their toys to find the different colors for each page.

DSC_6829 DSC_6838 DSC_6842 DSC_6847 DSC_6853 DSC_6854 DSC_6857

Yeah so I haven’t exactly made the books yet, but yeah- I will get around to it some day =)  maybe when shutterfly or one of those other books have a nice sale- I am open to coupon updates =)