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Happy Birthday Little Guy

2 May

DSC_6010 DSC_6357 DSC_6390 DSC_6464How in tarnation has it been one full year since Hudson was born?

 I love this little boy so much my hearts feels like it is exploding sometimes.

Thank you baby Hudson for adding life and flavor to our family.  Thank you for always making chicken noises whenever someone says the word chicken or you see a chicken around.  Thank you for your dimple-filled/chubby cheek smile.  Thank you for patting my back when I pat yours.  Thank you for raising your right hand in the air when you agree.  Thank you for nestling your arms between our bodies and laying your head on my shoulder when you need a serious snuggle.  Thank you for being so sweet to us.

DSC_6146 IMG_0259 DSC_6622 DSC_6674 DSC_6730 DSC_6952

We love you little guy, thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives.