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We are Back

12 Mar

Sorry about the yearlong hiatus.  I took a yearlong break from blogging and am ready to jump back into sharing our adventures and life with y’all.

Why did I leave and why did I come back?

I left because I had to pass a licensing exam for my current part time job and that took up most of my free time.  I had to study when the kids were in bed etc.  I was also getting tired of blogging.

My am I back?  I have missed blogging.  A few days ago I looked back over the many posts I have done in the past years and love seeing how our life has changed and how cute the tiny kids used to look.  My blog is a wonderful way to sort of scrapbook my way through their childhood.  I also like saving me recipes on this blog.  I check back here every St Patty’s Day for recipes as well as for my recipes for wild rice soup and monster cookies.

Not a whole lot of reasons- but enough for me to stop and enough for me to come back.


We had a great, exciting winter full of winter walks, hockey, four wheeling, cross country skiing, trail cam discoveries, fishing and friends.

It is good to be back here.