The Mountains

9 Apr

We have returned from our yearly spring trip.  Two springs ago we went to Colorado, last year we went to California to see my oder sister and this spring we were back in Colorado again.  Jared’s folks and sisters live in Colorado so it is a great time to see them and see those beautiful Rockies.

We went on several hikes and stayed close to Estes Park.  It is quite rewarding to hike around mountains since there is a gorgeous view around most corners and during those scenic lulls you know at the top of your hike will result is a whopper of a view.

Hudson who is a wildlife enthusiast was in animal heaven during our time out west.  Since we had a few long drives, Jared came up with the idea to give $1 to whoever first spotted large wild animals first.  This game persuaded the girls to become wildlife enthusiasts as well.

We spotted Elk and even a herd of mature male big horn sheep.  Of course I left my camera at home when we spotted the rams.  Seeing them bound across the river rocks and then fly up the steep mountain with ease was a highlight of that day.

The next post will be about our backcountry snowboarding adventure, so stay tuned.



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