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One Hunting Week Down

12 Nov

Although I was hoping to have some good and tangible proof of our hunting outings but this is not the case yet.  Neither Jared or I have seen a buck but I have seen a few does that would have been a difficult shot.  Since Jared has the doe tag I can shoot a doe if we are in the same hunting party.

We have definitely put our time into this hunting week.  It is hard to take a morning or evening off since, you never know when that deer will be walking right past your deer stand or in good range of the spot you picked on the edge of the field.

I have had some shoulda, woulda, coulda moments over the past week but ultimately, I want my first kill to be a good one.  I am learning this whole hunting thing slowly but surely.

On to another thought that I have been thinking through this week…

Here is the deal:


Why? Here is Why:

Every mom should hunt because you get to head out into nature, real- true outside beauty and sit.

As a mom (yes dads too- but work with me) there are always 37 things you should be doing.  You should be doing the laundry, preparing the next meal, cleaning the house, cleaning the car, shopping for groceries so you have some food when you get around to preparing the next meal, washing the dishes, sweeping, checking homework- when is this feather project due again Sophie?…you should be reading to the kids and giving them a bath and taking them to hockey practice and selling those dang raffle tickets so you can afford hockey and you should be checking to see if the chickens have water and making sure the kids feel loved and that the laundry is finally switched from the washer to the dryer after forgetting about it overnight.

So yes- there are a lot of things we SHOULD be doing.  A mother will NEVER ever say, I am going to sit in this house for the next three hours and not do anything.  No. That would be weird and also quite impossible.  BUT when you go hunting- your JOB is to sit still, be quiet and hunt.  If you are sitting in a deer stand your JOB at that time is to scan the perimeter, pay attention, and hang out.  When, as a mother, are you allowed to do that??? The answer is never.

Hunting is exciting, since you never know when a deer will walk out of the woods and step in front of that huge balsam tree that looks like an old man.

I have done more thinking in the past week than ever before and yes thinking and not being entertained or running around can be challenging but it is good for me.  It would be good for everyone to sit in a deer stand for a couple weeks each year.  Be still and quiet.  I love hunting and although- you could call it sitting around outside with a hunting rifle, since we have never shot a deer, I still love it.  Here is to one more week of beautiful northern MN wilderness hunting.  Although we hope we have some venison and a good story to tell- all will not be lost if things don’t go our way.  Good luck to you hunters, enjoy the great outdoors.

A week of hunting pics-

This was hunting opener sunrise, as well as my hunting teacher’s, brother’s deer:

Hudson fell asleep after an evening hunt with Jared:


I love morning hunting. The dark and cold woods gives life to a sunrise and then daybreak:


Aleah helping me out after school:

My friend missed a shot in the morning while we were hunting together and then she got this one later the same afternoon.  Since we don’t have a mall or trampoline park in town, I brought the kids to see the deer after school on Friday.  See!  We do have fun up here in the north!

This morning:

The two headed hunting monster!