Apple Stackers

27 Oct

My kids favorite snack has been the wonderful Apple Stacker.  Someday I will have an original idea but until that day… I am once again stealing wonderful ideas from Ree Drumond.  I have the Pioneer Woman show set to record on our DVR and can breeze through her show without commercials in search of foods my family will gladly consume. This was a hit from the start.  For your viewing pleasure I have set the sequence of the pictures in order from right to left. (I have no idea to fix this, my great apologies).

If you have an apple corer then go ahead with her recipe over here but we do not own such a device so I simply cut to the sides of the core to save time (since I am usually scrambling to make these at 7:42- Sophie and Jared walk out the door to catch the bus at 7:47). Soooooooo, slice the apple, spread with peanut butter, sprinkle with granola and add a pinch of cinnamon sugar.  Yes yes yes it tastes fine without the cinnamon sugar but this is seriously the best part. You only need a tiny amount and it makes the whole snack taste like an out of this world dessert. And it keeps the kids coming back for more of this healthy fall snack.

Next is the most fun part (besides eating it of course): re-assemble your apple. It looks cool because the apple fits right back together. When I send this to school I usually wrap it up in aluminum foil to keep all the moving parts together.

Maybe you can pass these out to the trick-or-treaters on Tuesday. Just kidding you really shouldn’t… not unless you enjoy having your house egged or toilet papered. Make these for your loved ones and pass out the milky ways, suckers and nerds on Tuesday.

Apple Stackers have proven to help ace spelling tests as well!

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