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Late on the Garlic

15 Nov

If you live south of Minnesota you aren’t even thinking about snow yet.  These pictures were taken on October ___. Yup, pretty crazy.

Needless to say we should have planted our garlic a bit sooner.

The snow did not stop Jared, he was bound and determined to get the job done so we would have some delicious garlic next summer.

We are always learning difficult lessons around our house, hopefully we can learn from them and plant a bit earlier next fall.

Goodnight Garden

25 Oct

Last week we got out shovels and cleared out the garden.

Taking all the weeds and remnants out of a garden in an essential task to do in the fall.  The bummer part is, there is not anything amazing to wait for or look at once you are done.  Clearing out the garden took us at least three hours.  Thankfully it was a beautiful evening and the girls had some shovels too.

It is nice to know that our garden is resting peacefully and will be rearing to go once the snow clears up and the sun starts to get warm again.

the strawberries are the only thing that remains in the ground



See you in the spring wonderful garden, you have served us well- now sleep well.

Just in the Nick of Time

7 Oct

Wednesday we had a high of 75 degrees.  We were all outside thinking, wow, we are hot.  And also thinking- is there really snow forecasted for tomorrow?

Thursday morning as Jared headed off to work the girls and I (still in our jammies) headed outside to plant some tulip and daffodil bulbs.

Sure glad we got out there and planted because look what happened the same day:

Cutest Bunny in the Garden

4 Sep

Last week when Sophi woke up from her nap I went to get her and there she was standing behind the door holding a bunny costume (we keep the dress-up clothes in her closet because it is quite large).

Imagine a groggy Sophi dragging a big bunny costume behind her with a pacifier in her mouth and her hair going in every direction.  She melts my heart everyday.

I didn’t want to wake up Aleah up because of Sophi’s bunny noises, so we headed out to the garden.

Okay.  I DID NOT PLAN THIS.  I SWEAR.    We were in the garden, she was dressed like a bunny, and all I had to do was bend down and pull a carrot out of the ground.  Couldn’t help myself.

She never ceases to make me laugh wth her spontaneity and her joyful spirit.

Pesto Delight

19 Aug

Pesto is divine.

But first you have to do some work:

pick the basil from your garden

wash the basil, I used our salad spinner to dry the leaves

carefully inspect each and every leaf (jk, that is just what Aleah did)

blend with a food processor (we used our magic bullet)

I have not had it since last spring spring of 2011 when we moved away from our basil plants.  Sad, I know.

So we were quite due for some pesto around our house.

Here is a recipe I sort of based my pesto on (it is all up to you, do you like more parmesan?  good add more, do you like a stong nut flavor?  good- add more walnuts or pine nuts) and it’s gluten free!

We actually did not have any nuts in our house so we did without and it turned our just fine.

Happy Cooking, hope you get to enjoy some of this delicious stuff soon.

My Garden Signs

16 Aug

You might remember this sign from our previous garden.  Jared, Aleah, and our good friend Hawker made it for me for Mother’s Day a few years ago.

I found these signs at an interesting consignnment store over in Tower, MN called Ric’s Relics.

I saw them and loved them.  They used to be signs in a National Park.  The only problem was that I couldn’t figure out what to do with them.  The Exit sign was $5 and the One Way sign was $7.  So…. $12 worth of signs I thought were cool but I was not sure where they would go.

Well, I took the risk and bought them, I thought perhaps we could put them in our driveway for fun.  But then Jared came up with the idea of putting them above the door into our garden.  I love it.  They are durable signs and will withstand the cold winter months and stay up there for quite a while.

Signs can really brighten up a garden.

Pumpkin Hopeful

12 Aug

I cannot believe our pumpkin plant started out as a tiny plant from the Watering Can.  Now it is literally taking over our garden-

Here is a little pumpkin on it’s way to (hopefully) being a really big pumpkin.

How cool would it be if we didn’t have to buy any pumpkins to carve this fall?

here is yet another pumpkin:

Aleah’s sweet peas are still cranking too!