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Aleah’s Pink Room

6 Mar

When baby comes this spring Aleah and Sophi will move in together and share a room.  They have never before shared a room because of different sleep schedules.  So this will be a new endeaver for them and for us.  Wish us luck.


Aleah will be moving out of her pink room and into Sophi’s gray and yellow room(the yellow room is a good size bigger that the pink room).  If baby three is a girl, we will keep the room pink but if we have a boy then the pink will have to go and we will paint the accent wall something a bit more manly.

DSC_5508 DSC_5506 DSC_5505

I thought I should show you Aleah’s beautiful room since it has a 50/50 chance of being repainted.

Isn’t it a happy place?

Aleah painted on some canvas board with the leftover paint from her room.  I painted the canvas in the middle white and then cut out some pink flower fabric and glued it on.  The painting on the far right is of a little ballet dancer that I got at a cute antique shop nearby.  She also painted the knobs of her dressers.

New Bathroom

6 Dec

DSC_5060The downstairs guest  bathroom had not been finished until just a few days ago.  Right when we moved in to stripped the wallpaper and it has remained that way until now.

We really couldn’t get a grasp on what we wanted the bathroom to look like and we really never use that bathroom so it was easy to forget that it needed some attention.

We found a sale on dark brown bath towels and decided to paint the walls a rich teal color.  It was a bit bright for my liking so I took the paint back to Sherwin Williams to have them tone it down a bit, but unfortunately they couldn’t.  Ah well.

The girls painted the towel holders dark brown.  I was busy supervising and didn’t get a picture, sorry. I rolled the teal onto the walls and Jared cut the paint.  Aren’t we a good team!

It is growing on us and we can call that room, done!  Yay!


I found this fabric and made a little runner

Making this took me about 5 minutes and adds a nice touch


Jared took some pictures out of some old books and put them in brown frames

The colors are growing on you aren’t they?


Now we can have some more company I guess =)


the soap and candle holder complete the look nicely

Wallpaper Woes

16 Jul

The parsonage had quite a bit of wallpaper.  So we decided to do some squirting, peeling and scraping during the re-modelling process.

Do you know how long it takes to take wallpaper down?  Well I do now and it is not a fun process.  It is extremely time consuming.  While there was about a billion other things I should have been doing.  I was squatting in the dining room trying to get wallpaper down.

I guess my dad and I have the same sort of technique

The actual process of removing wallpaper is very straightforward.  Spray the wall with hot water.  Or better yet use a spray bottle full of fabric softener AND hot water.  Okay I am boring myself already…just google it.  It takes more muscle power than brain power to deal with stripping wallpaper.

This being our first home decorating experience, we have learned quite a bit about our likes and dislikes (we even made several paint choices we weren’t thrilled about, and ended up repainting soon after.).  But one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned is that wallpaper is probably never worth the work – wether it’s the application or the removal.  Chances are whatever style you are going for won’t be in style in 5-10 years, and when you have to take it down you will be very angry at your past life decision to put up wallpaper.  A repaint will take  about a half hour to do, but a wallpaper stripping job will probably take you a couple days.  Just don’t do it.  Take it from me, someone who has this job fresh in her mind– it is NOT fun and NOT something I ever want to do again.

when you get a big sheet to pull off like this one, you are in luck

Do you like my wallpaper stripping shimmer pants?  These are essential (just so ya know)

Aleah’s Paintings

8 Jun

Sophi was taking an extra long nap a few days ago so Aleah and I decided to get the out buckets of leftover paint and have some fun.

I love that there is a paint brush in each hand-

Whenever I see canvas boards at thrift stores I snap them up because they are SOOO much more affordable then if you buy them new.  I have stashed a few in my years of hunting and got out a couple canvas boards for her to paint.

I thought it would look cool if we used the white and pink paint that we used to paint her room on the canvas.

Here is Aleah being cute as a button and concentrating so deeply you can almost see it.

We are loving the beautiful weather here in Cook, so sunny and warm.

Perfect weather for an outdoor craft!

Guest Room Makeover

29 May

Here is the transformation of our guest room.  This room used to be baby blue and tan:

Now the green and white has given this room a clean and fresh feel:

The curtains are made of a shower curtain from Target for $15.oo!  That much fabric from a fabric store could cost around $40-$50 and most of the seams aren’t already finished for you.

The kids love snuggling in the room and take turns putting each other to bed.  It is like their own play house room, unless of course we have a guest-

The picture on the right is from Africa and the dresser is originally from Sweden.  Now all we need to do is get is a pretty comforter or blanket to pull the whole room together.  Time to be on the lookout.

Living Room

18 May

We LOVE our living room.  It is the only room in the house that is finished. 

What a lovely word.

We sit in this room and dream about what the rest of the house will look like someday-  As wonderful as this living room!

Here are pictures of the work we did with the living room:

ripping down the wallpaper

We took off the wallpaper, which took forever and a day.  Never knew wallpaper would make me want to start swearing.  We eventually got it off and got started on painting.  We kept the previous red color from the former residence but we painted the wall again since it hadn’t been painted in a number of years.  We repainted the outer walls as well to give a clean and fresh feel.

We love the new carpet that went into the living room.  It is a sort of darker brown with light tones of white coloring.  I am very happy with it.

carpet doesn’t get any newer or feel any better than this

My chairs and poufs add so much to this room, they tie the blue and read and white together.

The sectional couch we got from my parents a few years ago.  I made that button B picture during the superbowl and the lamp we got at a thrift store last week.  I made the owl on the entertainment center (not sure if he will stay there), and the picture on the left I got when I was in Ethiopia about five years ago.  The picture in the back right corner I found at a garage sale for $5 and there is a sticker on the back that says it is from Kohls and originally cost $165.

 Our fish even matches the room =)  He is red with blue fins.  His name is Comet or Carlos (Carlos was the name of our previous fish, don’t ask) and I think he adds a lot to the room.  We have always “housed” our fish in the kitchen because it is easy to remember to feed them there and I guess it makes sense.  But I think he looks wonderful on the top of our entertainment center.

Don’t you want to hang out in this room all day long?

New or Old?

16 May

The biggest new purchase we have ever made in our married life was a mattress.  Most everything else has been bought at thrift stores, craigslist or random garage sales/flea markets.  This has served us very well.  We have made the most of our purchases and it has worked out just fine.

Now that we are in a permanent place of residence we are weeding through our less than perfect selection of mismatched furniture and belongings.  We have clung to a lot of things because we never knew if we would be needing particular things for a future house.  Now that we know where we are we can make serious cleansing decisions.  It feels very good to be getting rid of some of the stuff that is falling apart and not very attractive.

I have had this in my sewing area for the past year and now can get rid of it.  Thank goodness (thanks Jared for the shelves)

We are having a slightly difficult time deciding whether or not to buy new stuff or keep forging around for that perfect item.  There are plenty of things that we don’t need asap but other things we do need/want pretty quick.

Our bedroom has been getting the shaft.  Since only Jared and I go in there (besides the kids waking us up of course) we haven’t been working on it at all.  Half of our clothes are still in suitcases and we don’t have curtains or pictures up.  Nothing is in the bathroom drawers yet since I want to line them with cute paper.

I am not sure why i wanted this so much but I did.  I REALLY really wanted to have matching nightstand tables AND matching lamps for each side of the bed.  It is hard enough to find nice items at second hand locations but I thought we might never find a pair of both.  So we bit the bullet and bought them new.  It was a weird experience for us, since we almost never do this but I love them and hope they will be our nightstands and lamps for a VERY long time, perhaps our whole life?

Jared and I both read before we go to bed and last night was the first time we could read in bed and when we got too tired to read another page we leaned over turned off our own lights and fell asleep.  We didn’t have to beg the other person to get out of the warm and cozy bed to turn off the big overhead light.

This is one purchase that is helping us feel more at home.  It’s the little things, right?

look at the sunlight in the morning!