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Repurposed Shelves

14 May

I have boxes and boxes full of fabric and clothes I want to fix up.

If my fabric remains in boxes I will not sew.  The fabric will sit in the boxes because I will not want to sift through 17 boxes to find what I was looking for.  Sooooo, Jared, my knight in shinning armor made me some shelves!

They are adorable and useful and magnificent.  I love them and I can’t wait to fill them up.  Jared is hanging two more shelves as I write this post.

Isn’t it perfect?

Well here are my shelves, they were free and extremely sturdy.  Way to go Jared

Just Because it’s a Kid’s Room…

11 May

Just because it is a kid’s room doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

We have been making many paint decisions during the past week.  Choosing paint for the whole  inside of a house can be a bit overwhelming because you don’t want to make the wrong choices.  I must say that paint on a little card looks quite different than paint covering a wall.

Needless to say, we flubbed it up on the kids play room.  This is the fabric I am going to make curtains out of:

so we decided to paint the room green and orange.  Not good:

The colors together were both ugly and also unsettling to look at.

Jared and I walked around the house painting other rooms as we kept glancing into the kids room questioningly.  We kept thinking, ah, it’ll be fine- it’s the kids room.  It will be fine.

The biggest reason we didn’t want to repaint the room was an issue of time and effort.  If we kept the room green and orange it would be done!  But we couldn’t do that to ourselves or our new house.

This is a room that we are going to be spending A LOT of time in.  All the kids toys are in this room and we want it to be athsetically pleasing, inviting and friendly to both adults and kids.

We decided to paint over the green paint with white.  I am SO glad we bit the bullet and put in the extra work.  Here is the room:

breaking in the room with a bedtime story

I am working on curtains right now and they are going to tie the room together and put the finishing touch on this fun room.  Can’t wait to show you-

House Work

9 May

We are officially in the parsonage.  Hallelujah.

We are so glad that we are done moving and we  can get our belongings out of storage.

Here are some pictures from the past week:

As you can see we have done a lot of work and have a whole heap of work ahead of us.  But it is exciting because it is our house and we are so happy to finally be here.